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Viewics: Driving the Healthcare Ecosystem from Data to Decisions

Keith Laughman, General Manager, ViewicsKeith Laughman, General Manager, Viewics
Being a major source of healthcare data, diagnostics and laboratories play a rather crucial role in the healthcare community. In the ideal scenario, the information exchange between the labs and the physicians should be rapid, consistent and as standardized as possible for improved practice efficiency and effectiveness. Subsequently, the information should be readily integrated with other data so that operational decisions can be made and actions are taken across health systems, to improve and standardize diagnostic test utilization and service efficiency, with the overall goal to reduce variation in healthcare delivery and delays in getting the patient on the most appropriate treatment protocol. The process of collecting and integrating this fragmented data through traditional solutions and methodologies proves to be cumbersome and time-consuming, which in the end may not even yield accurate results. Fortunately, a company called Viewics with its expertise in healthcare analytics delivers proprietary, industry-leading technology for data extraction, cleansing, and automation that addresses all these challenges and then some.

For instance, physicians who are in a hurry, frequently order more tests than clinically indicated or tests that are not required in the first place; this creates distorted test ordering patterns and adds unnecessary costs to the health systems. Viewics’ Dx Optimization solution supports medical laboratory staff in working with their clinician colleagues to standardize test ordering patterns helping to ensure that the right test is ordered for the right patient at the right time.

Additionally, eForums, a subset of the Dx Optimization offering enables laboratory staff to collaborate with the care team in a virtual and asynchronous manner if that would be of assistance to reduce the challenges of getting everyone in the same room at the same time.

Viewics is helping labs deliver excellence through its feature-rich solutions and technology

Along with Dx Optimization, and Viewics’ LabOps provide an integrated solution as it has the analytics capabilities needed to support a data-driven continuous Dx improvement process. The solution is composed of pending lists, proactive alerts, and other tools and processes to help diagnose and correct operational problems. “The in-built analytics of LabOps can facilitate operational excellence through a data-driven continuous improvement process,” says Keith Laughman, the GM of Viewics.

Laughman gives an example of a lab that wanted to preserve its service standards by adding more staff to its testing division for the ER department. They found discrepancies in their staff to volume ratio. As part of gathering the necessary information Viewics’ analytics platform gave the lab clear visibility of their operations, which helped them enhance their service efficiency without increasing their staff numbers. “As the laboratory continues to play an increasingly important role in helping health systems prepare for value-based-care, Viewics is committed to helping laboratories deliver on this promise through its feature-rich solutions and technology,” says Laughman.

The company’s recent acquisition by Roche diagnostics has helped the team to ramp-up in their endeavor to provide industry-leading solutions. As a Roche company, Viewics has access to incremental resources and expertise to introduce new solutions into the industry. In the near future, leveraging the benefits of being a SaaS company, they plan to evolve with the changing expectations of their clients as well as launching new applications that will add to their suite of sophisticated solutions.