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VirtuMedix: Enhancing the Teleconsultation Experience

 Kannan Sreedhar, General Manager, VirtuMedix
As an electronic approach to clinical health, today telemedicine is transforming the comprehensive care delivery process and monitoring. With the ease of access to patient data, concerns about privacy rights are rising at a rapid rate in the patient demographics. The regulators are also being alarmed with the free access to data and in the pursuit of safeguarding the information, have framed several laws. In a nutshell, integrating HIPAA compliant features in the solution and also proffering all the stakeholders easy and free access to data have become uphill tasks for telehealth solution providers. Comtech TCS’s VirtuMedix is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, developed in collaboration with Wake Emergency Physicians, a group of emergency medicine specialists. Annapolis, MD based team of experts solve all the user related issues through VirtuMedix, an interactive platform. “The VirtuMedix platform's advanced features provide distinct benefits to patients, practitioners, hospital groups and health plans,” says Kannan Sreedhar, General Manager, VirtuMedix.

VirtuMedix empowers physicians with unique features like real-time patient tracking board and facilities for queue triage and case summary review. The platform enables physicians and patients to interact via HIPAA compliant audio or video sessions, which are stored securely in database for future reference. Physicians can prescribe medicines and interact with electronic health record systems. Encompassing the needs of all the other key stakeholders in healthcare process, VirtuMedix assists in finding the right healthcare facility on the virtue of built-in navigation. Web technology, basis of VirtuMedix, assuages patients in location agnostic manner with ease of access from any device. To update the physician about their case, patients can upload high definition images of their medical issues on the cloud based platform using mobile or web application.

The VirtuMedix platform's advanced features provide distinct benefits to patients, practitioners, hospital groups and health plans

In case of emergency, patients can seek directions and obtain specific location to the nearest healthcare facility or pharmacy. Multilingual live customer care agents coordinate patients’ entry into consultation queue and provide them with access to health records. Harnessing not only the power of Comtech TCS technology but also third party systems and data on virtue of integration is no longer a probability but definite viability due to pro-integration characteristic of the solution.

Comprehensive VirtuMedix is adept at creating success stories on the virtue of its regulation compliant and user-centric approach. One of their clients, The Iowa Clinic, a multi-specialty group in Central Iowa with nearly 200 physicians and healthcare providers, serves a population area of 1.1 million with 400,000 patient visits each year. However, the patients in the area had to follow conventional procedures in treatment reception. Emergency cases faced variety of risk factors due to unavailability of easy access. After deploying VirtuMedix, patients received virtual access from any device through telemedicine services by Iowa Clinic physicians.

The power of VirtuMedix is enormous in reducing unwanted time and investment for availing healthcare services. In the telemedicine arena, VirtuMedix sets itself apart from its peers on account of dedicated point of contact for physicians called as Customer Account Manager (CAM). It assists in business goal achievement by leveraging best practices at the outset and maximizing return on investment (ROI) throughout the lifecycle. Through VirtuMedix, healthcare practitioners as well as patients are experiencing key benefits like user-friendliness, real-time and simpler scheduling. Cost effectiveness and easy reach, hallmarks of VirtuMedix, merit the platform with better growth prospects in terms of adaptability and revenue as stringent healthcare budgets and larger reach out initiatives by healthcare and government organizations seek the same.