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VisionTree Software: A Digital Overhaul of Patient Reported Outcomes

Sheena Gagh, Sr. Account Manager, Braxton Jett, Territory Manager and Martin Pellinat, Founder & CEO, VisionTree SoftwareSheena Gagh, Sr. Account Manager, Braxton Jett, Territory Manager and Martin Pellinat, Founder & CEO, VisionTree Software
The conversation between a doctor and a patient is a perpetual one, which does not stop at the end of an appointment but rather leads to the next one. During each interaction, a patient narrates the state of his or her well-being, whether or not the prescribed drugs were effective, and if there were noticeable changes through the course of medication. Such Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) are the quintessential elements constituting different stages of diagnosis and treatment. Recognizing the significance of these PROs, a California based company—VisionTree Software— offers a digital workaround for reported outcomes by providing a cloud-based platform to track and evaluate these outcomes for medical assessments. The company’s approach allows medical professionals to aggregate PROs on digital forms, convert reported outcomes into actionable data, and utilize the same for various clinical and communicational processes such as scheduling appointments, monitoring health conditions, determining the effect of medications, and quality reporting assessments.

VisionTree provides a pathway for the ‘transition of care’ from the traditional clip board and paper-based documentation to patient portals, tablets, and text messages through its flagship product ‘VisionTree Optimal Care™’ (VTOC). The company calls it, “the ePROs Access Anywhere Suite™,” which is a multi-disciplinary, multi-domain ePRO platform for cancer, neurosurgery, orthopedics, behavioral health, cardiology and many more conditions that require intensive care. “We are offering not just a tethered patient portal, but a fully modular and interoperable electronic health record system for PROs. That is how we earned the market position of hosting two million patients on our platform globally,” begins Martin Pellinat, founder and CEO of VisionTree Software. The VTOC platform is tailored to improve the communication between doctors and patients, setting a global benchmark for role-based alerts, population health, and NCCN Triage & Survivorship.

Surpassing the Hurdles of Traditional Clinical Documentation

The VTOC platform directly plugs into the existing electronic health record systems, allowing medical practitioners to benchmark and use standardized ePROs provided by the patients for clinical documentation. Offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) module through Amazon Web Services (AWS), VTOC provides a paperless patient-centered workflow to track reported outcomes. The ‘Access Anywhere Suite’ is categorized into a variety of offerings: The KioskMode, FastTrack Forms, SeamlessPlugin and VTOC native apps (iOS and Android). The KioskMode provides a wizard-enabled application to patients and assists them in filling the forms at point-of-care centers. The second module—FastTrack forms—uses emails and text messages to notify patients with a direct link to launch the VTOC FastTrack forms for high compliance of ePROs at specified Timepoints. The SeamlessPlugin module and VTOC native apps, add an entire library of outcomes forms with templates, Timepoint Manager and compliance tracking tools to existing patient portals. “The VTOC library consists of over 200 validated forms for various ailments such as cancer, neurologic and orthopedic disorders, and behavioral health conditions,” says Pellinat.

VisionTree facilitates seamless engagement between doctors and patients through the VTOC platform, thereby creating a paperless workflow for PROs. It provides the flexibility of scheduling appointments using APIs, thereby, guiding patients through KioskMode, FastTrack, or SeamlessPlugin channels.

As soon as patients fill the forms, VTOC converts the answers into actionable data that, in turn, enhances the communication between patients and doctors. Patients can track their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data while the hospitals utilize the same for quality assessments of collected data. These advantages add up to exceptional results, as observed in a survey conducted by VisionTree. “We have tracked 40 percent improved compliance, 30 percent improvement in missed and canceled appointments, and 20 percent improvements in post-treatment well-being,” adds Pellinat. The results also substantiate a growth of 85 percent corresponding to the patient experience when visiting a hospital or a diagnostic center.

The overarching theme of VTOC is to be modular and interoperable with other solutions to deliver patient engagement, using outcomes as a communication tool

Nurturing R&D through ePROs

A noteworthy feature of the VTOC platform is that it de-identifies outcomes data management for multi-center research and global registry participation. A client of VisionTree—participating in the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR)—approached the company to consolidate PROs digitally. Prior to the collaboration, the client had a hard time consolidating the paper-documented PROs for drug replacements, as the outcomes were not built into the electronic health record in REDCap, the online repository for surveys and documentation. The client employed VisionTree’s platform for orthopedic ePROs and went on to successfully replace the paper-based documentation, while also reducing the manpower needed to collect the PROs from patient files. Currently, VisionTree is on the verge of rolling out cardiology and oncology-based ePRO solutions in association with the client. This success story not only showcases the adaptability of data available through ePROs but also highlights the multi-domain solution for patient tracking and engagement.

Similarly, the VTOC platform is deployed across 600 locations comprising 400 cancer centers, where it not only serves as a patient portal but also as a library of ePROs for clinical research. “The overarching theme of VTOC is to be modular and interoperable while adopting other solutions to deliver patient engagement, using outcomes as a communication tool,” explains Pellinat, emphasizing on the key benefit of using the VTOC platform. In addition to being a communication tool, the platform plays a vital role in research and development as the outcomes track the progress of a patient or a treatment, providing medical practitioners a timeline for the course of events. Bolstering VTOC’s functionalities, VisionTree’s ‘Forms as a Service’ (FaaS) module further enhances the clinical workflow by allowing medical professionals to customize the ePROs according to the requirements of discrete use cases. Collectively, these turnkey solutions enhance the value of health record systems, thereby serving as the foundation of VisionTree’s unique value proposition in the PROs arena.