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It’s a no brainer that CIOs face challenges with keeping pace with the digital and technological transformation while driving IT strategies that balance customer needs and operational costs. To this end, Florida-based Visual Medica— through its PACS and RIS solutions—frees CIOs from the complexity and concerns of closed, unsupported systems while reducing the CAPEX associated with large investments in IT systems. “We provide cost-effective, scalable solutions for every type of requirement and need, whether it is software installed at the institution or the power of the cloud services (SaaS) for diagnostic imaging in the medical area,” says Enrique Paniagua, CEO at Visual Medica.

The company’s VM RIS solution merges and organizes the entire patient care path with an agile and straightforward interface, allowing each process to be carried out easily and effectively. It allows clients to control processes in their institutions, such as queue turn for attention, patient support, and administrative procedures. VM PACS, on the other hand, can store reports and distribute the studies coming from all the modalities of the institution, in a centralized server. Through PACS, clients can visualize all of DICOM patients’ studies or in other formats such as electrocardiograms or images. “PACS and RIS solutions are a prime example of Visual Medica’s focus on developing solutions that allow medical institutions to evolve at the same rate technology does,” states Paniagua.

To further its commitment to tailoring solutions and systems according to the clients’ needs and improving their productivity, Visual Medica is continuously evolving based on customer feedback and market needs. Under the current COVID 19 market conditions, the company has ridden the trend to incorporate and maximize web base, zero foot-print software solutions, and to optimize and reduce operational costs. “The key element now is to be as productive and effective as possible to ensure the sustainability in the short/medium term of any medical institution,” mentions Paniagua.

PACS and RIS solutions are a prime example of Visual Medica’s focus on developing solutions that allow medical institutions to evolve at the same rate technology does

To this end, Visual Medica’s VM CLOUD PACS and VM EASY PACS, VM PATIENT PORTAL solutions are clear examples of how they can support any organization that faces these challenges. Further, the company launched a COVID 19 free teleradiology/ humanitarian project, where hospitals around LATAM that needed support and help from MD radiologists to interpret and inform their CT and XRAY images related to this pandemic can find professional volunteers around the world available free of charge using our technology.

Operating as an experienced and competent software developer, Visual Medica has developed a wide range of scalable solutions that fit any organization. The company has the relevant experience of working with public and private hospitals to not only improve and renew the service but also reduce costs. They put a strong emphasis on understanding clients’ budgets, needs, and updating the current PACS and RIS solutions. Visual Medica’s cloud-based solution has proven to be the best option to secure access remotely to the MD radiologists, using a robust and reliable solution while reducing their operation cost by 10-15 percent annually.

A key differentiator of Visual Medica is its customer service and customized payment options for providing efficient platforms. The company offers free demos to its customers such that they can test and confirm their strengths. Further, the team of software developers and Imaging specialists—with more than 20 years’ experience in this sector—allows Visual Medica to provide these services efficiently. Currently, the company is focusing on expanding its operation into the USA Market, after great success in the LATAM region. “We are very happy about the positive feedback and acceptance of our solutions from our customers in this market,” states Paniagua. In terms of the platform enhancement, Visual Medica’s Business Intelligence module and reports is helping customer to get the correct insight and act in plan based on data. Additionally, the company is focusing on improving and facilitating the interaction between the medical centers and the patients through its PATIENT PORTAL solution, where patients can access all their medical information and reports via web service.

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Visual Medica

Visual Medica

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Enrique Paniagua, CEO, Visual Medica

Visual Medica is a leading company in the development of systems and software for diagnostic imaging in the medical area. The company has accompanied the progress of hundreds of medical institutions for more than one and a half decade. The company has firmly believe in developing systems and software with the highest quality standards for the well-being of people and medical professionals. Through its PACS and RIS solutions, the company enables CIOs to free themselves from the complexity and concerns of closed, unsupported systems, in addition to the CAPEX associated with large investments in IT systems