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Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO, VitalAaron Patzer, Founder and CEO, Vital
Poor patient-provider communication is the most common patient experience issue in emergency departments (EDs) across the US. Amid staffing challenges and the busy nature of the ED, patients are often left with questions like “how long will I wait” and “when will I receive my lab result” that are not easily answered by staff. From check-in to discharge, patients spend hours without clarity about the steps of their visit, compounding uncertainty and stress. The key to transforming the patient experience in the ED lies in combining high-quality care with effective communication. When this is offered in a way that is easy-to-use and understandable, patient uncertainty is reduced and the communication burden on staff is diminished.

Vital Improves the Care Experience

Vital helps healthcare organizations transform the care experience for patients, clinicians, and staff. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Vital enables hospitals to empower patients in their care through personalized and automatic communications. Vital’s platform is currently being used by 100 hospitals across 28 health systems. “What distinguishes us is our consumer-grade solution powered by AI that modernizes the patient and provider experience,” says Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO of Vital. With an extensive background in consumer solution, Patzer founded Vital with Dr. Justin Schrager, a practicing Emergency Department Physician at Emory University, to break down information silos and improve patient care.

Making a Mark with a Transformative Platform

With ERAdvisor, patients have access to real-time data about their ED visit. The platform leverages AI to educate patients about their visit, inform them about the hospital, and help them schedule appropriate follow-up care.

Vital uses a variety of inputs including ESI, age, and vitals to display information that is relevant and personalized. This curated guide keeps patients in control, allows them to request comfort or service items, and ensures they understand what to expect and when to expect it.

The app answers patients’ non-clinical questions, reducing questions asked of staff and helps clinicians focus on patient care. With ERAdvisor’s “share” feature, patients can automatically update their loved ones about their visit details and status. With patient-centricity at its core, Vital reduces uncertainty and increases patient satisfaction. Clinicians and staff can also send secure text messages to patients through its clinical application, thereby ensuring an enhanced patient-provider communication experience. Under the hood of Vital’s excellence lies its trail-blazing way of using AI. As opposed to a one-size-fits-all model, Vital delivers a highly personalized user experience.

  • What distinguishes us is our consumer-grade solution powered by AI that modernizes the patient and provider experience

Catalyzing Client Success

Patients can access Vital through a text invite link—a nosweat process with no sign-up or download required. Vital’s platform is designed to deliver a sleek user experience, revolutionizing how patients and clinicians interact with technology in the hospital setting. Vital’s success is demonstrated through its partnership with CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the U.S. Its year-long successful pilot in Arizona helped improve patient satisfaction and experience in emergency departments across the region. As a result, CommonSpirit is working with Vital at several hospitals across Arizona, Nevada, California and Iowa, with further rollouts planned for this year and beyond.

Vital has seen explosive growth due to the urgent need to transform emergency departments and improve patient satisfaction across health systems.

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Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO, Vital

Consumer-grade software that transforms the care experience for patients, clinicians, and staff.