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VUCA Health: Bridging the Patient-Pharmacist Gap

David Medvedeff, CEO, VUCA HealthDavid Medvedeff, CEO, VUCA Health
Let’s face it: human brains are far more engaged by videos than a list of facts jotted on a piece of paper. In essence, videos have become the go-to medium for healthcare organizations to bridge the communication gap between healthcare providers and patients. Speaking on the deluge of digitalization in the healthcare sector, VUCA Health CEO, David Medvedeff begins, “Videos have brought a radical shift in the way information utilization and content consumption is carried out in healthcare.” However, digging in a little deeper, there is one area that still needs to get on the video bandwagon, medication education. Addressing this innovation gap Medvedeff conceived a digital platform—MedsOnCue—for on-demand prescription medication education in the form of engaging medication-specific videos. “The majority of patients discard the long medication information leaflets and later grapple with queries regarding correct dosage and side effects,” says Medvedeff. “At VUCA Health, we set out to change the status quo by creating a ‘21st Century’ way to educate patients and their families about the medication they take.”

Despite the rise of ubiquitous mobile devices, the long-standing paper-based practice of stapling patient education sheets to prescription bag or discharge folder continues to loom in the realm of healthcare. However, VUCA Health is changing this by harnessing the potential of videos to feed patients with a more contemporary and engaging way to learn about their medication. The firm’s MedsOnCue delivers customized video-based education to patients about their prescribed medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects, all on their mobile devices. As PDF files become a thing of the past, the videos in the MedsOnCue library present easy to understand and highly engaging content seamlessly accessed by scanning a QR code on patient prescription labels and information sheets or by clicking a link emailed or texted to them by their pharmacy.

At VUCA Health, we set out to change the status quo by creating a ‘21st Century’ way to educate patients and their families about the medication they take

In a nutshell, the eco-friendly MedsOnCue eradicates the waste associated with printing to curb down expenditures in pharmacies and also enhance patients’ access to prescription drug information.

In a bid to increase health literacy and elevate patient experience, the QR code redirects users to a website white labeled and branded for the pharmacies wherein they can watch medication videos. The firm’s solution also allows online access to leaflet and guidelines in case the patients want to have detailed medication information. “Also, our solution seamlessly integrates with an array of pharmacy software systems, patient care TV platforms, and patient portals to cover information about as many medications as possible,” says Medvedeff.

In addition to on-demand videos, MedsOnCue is also beefed up with value-added services such as: Connect Me, Remind Me, and Inform Me. With a click of a button, these features allow patients to connect to their pharmacy or healthcare organization for inquiries, receiving medication alerts and reminders, and on-demand access to additional prescription information.

Needless to say, VUCA Health’s robust medication video library is now being leveraged by numerous pharmacies and other partners to engage patients through paperless medication education for improving health literacy and outcomes. Adding to the firm’s triumph, MedsOnCue has been favorably reviewed by over 20 state boards of pharmacy and the work continues to this end.

With a belief that culture eats strategy for breakfast, the elite team at VUCA Health is reaching stellar heights in enhancing patient engagement, education, medication safety, and operational efficiencies. Surging ahead, VUCA Health is challenging the orthodoxies in the medication health education sphere and has plans to expand the firm’s geographical footprint.