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Darren Rowe, Chief Innovation Officer, Wamberg Genomic AdvisorsDarren Rowe, Chief Innovation Officer, Wamberg Genomic Advisors
Did you know that all humans are 99.9 percent identical at the genome level, and it is only the 0.1 percent variation that explains their individual traits, including susceptibility to diseases? The good news is that the constant innovation strides made through genomic technology are fundamentally changing the way diseases are diagnosed and creating a wealth of biomedical data to improve one’s understanding of genetic and rare diseases. Alongside, a number of FDA-approved drugs are being developed using genomic information to treat cancer and other rare diseases. At the forefront of this innovation explosion is California-based Wamberg Genomic Advisors (WGA); “your partner in the genomic revolution,” declares Darren Rowe, Chief Innovation Officer at WGA.

WGA makes cutting-edge genomics technologies and cancer support services accessible to insurance companies, brokers, employers and employees in a responsible, easy and cost-effective manner. WGA’s solutions enable insurance policyholders to make informed health choices by facilitating the development of personalized policies based on a user’s specific genome profile. For brokers, WGA offers extensive knowledge on genomic products and services, so that they can provide their customers with robust and competitive employee benefits packages. At the same time, employers can inspire their workforce to access the benefits of genomic profiling and enhance the health, wellness, and longevity of employees with WGA’s offerings. “Leveraging three decades of our industry expertise, we develop innovative benefits and financial strategies that accelerate access to genomic solutions, and ensure the effective management of health risks,” says Rowe.

At the core of WGA’s superior delivery of cutting-edge genomics and oncology solutions and services is the company’s passionate and dedicated team, which recognizes the ever-evolving healthcare world and ensures equivalent access to genomic technologies.

The team at WGA is driven to provide a sophisticated approach to address their client’s pain points. Their flagship product “Cancer Guardian” is the first program of its kind to provide fully funded access to a range of highly sophisticated genomic testing platforms to help oncologists tailor individual treatment programs. “Recognizing the enormous emotional and practical challenges of cancer we also developed a unique, on-going education and support program to guide patients (and employers) through the cancer experience,” says Rowe. “By integrating genomics technology with comprehensive support and coaching we are confident of being able to improve the way cancer is managed, which ultimately benefits everyone!” says Rowe.

Apart from offering ground-breaking genomic solutions, WGA also provides tech-based tools to optimize the overall delivery of care. For instance, the company has integrated a medical records platform into its offerings to optimize the movement of employee health information between doctors and other care providers. “By helping patients understand the landscape and putting them in control of their data, we empower them to take a more participatory role in their treatment planning, which has been shown to be hugely beneficial”. says Rowe.

“The use of medical data management is just one example of how we leverage technology to facilitate better interoperability between patients and caregivers and enable access to our services in a very convenient way,” adds Rowe.

Since its inception, WGA’s focus has been on improving health risk management for as many lives as possible through the delivery of innovative genomic technologies. In order to achieve this, the company geared its business model toward a mass-scale distribution model for its services. Moreover, with its extensive network of oncology specialists, genomic scientists, and leading cancer management companies worldwide, WGA ensures the efficient delivery and implementation of leading-edge genomic technology around the globe.

Looking ahead, WGA plans to spearhead the charge toward the pre-emptive detection of health risks through the development of new genomic technology applications for the evolving healthcare industry. From a geographical perspective, the company is reviewing multiple locations beyond the U.S. with a vision to offer its services to more people worldwide. To conclude, Rowe shares his vision of the future, which states, “WGA will continue to enhance the delivery of innovative genomic technology to assist businesses around the world in effectively managing health risks.”