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Nikolai Stevens, CEO, WatcherrNikolai Stevens, CEO, Watcherr
Injury from a fall is a common recurrence in hospitals and residential homes, leading to serious complications. Due to not being able to put a staff member continuously next to a resident or patient, hospitals and residences need to take refuge in technology to prevent the fall or even worse. With wearables becoming a part of everyday lives, Belgium based company Watcherr has developed a unique distress alert system that empowers the elderly and staff alike.

Founded by business engineer and trained nurse Nikolai Stevens, Watcherr delivers an AI wearable health tech solution that utilizes data insights to assist senior residents and healthcare workers towards better care. “Watcherr analyses heart rate, fall risk, location, eat and sleep time to provide information about irregular patterns to create a real time and immediate assessment of health risks,” said Nikolai Stevens, CEO, Watcherr. “If a health deviation occurs, the staff is immediately alerted via the Watcherr Mobile app on their mobile phone. This enables staff to provide prompt assistance in a senior residence.” A resident is also able to manually request assistance by pressing the alert button on the wearable device.

Watcherr analyses heart rate, fall risk, location, eat and sleep time to inform about suspicious patterns to create a real time and immediate assessment of health risks

Watcherr has employed highly-skilled AI and data experts and well-established doctors, experts and organizations to develop a high-tech, differentiated solution. The distress system continuously monitors patients and residents activities of daily living and physiological patterns, and any irregularities can be detected during the early stages of potential problems. The wearable device also sends vital information about potential health risks and uses complex algorithms and data analytics to provide preventive measures to reduce those risks. These risks extend to the medical equipment within a residence.

This advanced technology has helped alleviate the challenges faced by residential home operators in keeping up with the resident’s needs and maximizing staff efficiency. Through its proactive monitoring and distress system, Watcherr helps out different elderly residence groups such as CuraCare. The Watcherr team is receiving a lot of requests from customers, especially in renovation projects since they can easily provide a wireless system making the system cost effective and easy to install.

Such efficiency displayed by Watcherr is one of the reasons why the company has received a place in Top 50 Healthcare Companies 2021 by International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare and CEO Nikolai Stevens has made it to the list of Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries.

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Laarne, Belgium

Nikolai Stevens, CEO, Watcherr

Watcherr is a unique distress system with indoor and outdoor location tracking. It makes use of advanced algorithms, data analytics, AI and deep machine learning to gather the data required. The Watcherr system sends instantaneous alerts to healthcare professionals with information about a resident’s early stage health risks such as: potential fall risk, deviations in sleeping patterns, urinary and gastroenterological problems