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WCH Service Bureau: All-Inclusive EHR Platform Integrated with Billing System

Olga Khabinskay, COO, WCH Service BureauOlga Khabinskay, COO, WCH Service Bureau
WCH Service Bureau is one of the leading providers of medical billing and credentialing services and is eager to deliver unique electronic systems for its clients to automate and simplify their workflow. One of WCH’s exclusive offerings is iSmart Electronic Health Records (EHR) product which features all functionalities that an ambulatory care medical practice may need. 2017 was a successful year for the EHR and its ongoing designation because WCH had to produce a new version of the product pursuant to meet requirements of federal government regulations. The company considered it as opportunity worth to realize accumulated vast knowledge and experience it gathered for 18 years in the market and release solid and functional health IT system.

As a medical billing provider, WCH always considers how to unify practice management, medical records, and billing parts so that there is a tool that helps medical practices to manage Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process. Today, the WCH team feels proud that iSmart EHR stands out for having integrated all the aforementioned parts. This enables users to schedule appointments, document medical records, send superbills, and finally check payment information. Providers can monitor payment situation online as well as review full remittance and explanation of benefits. One of the most important features—full control of billing process—can be controlled by provider, no matter where billing is physically done—internally or externally, utilizing any billing company.

Furthermore, to deliver advanced service to its customers, WCH developed SmartBill mobile application integrated with iSmart EHR. The app helps providers to complete patient visit checklist, research diagnoses, add new patients offline along with sending superbill information directly to WCH in order to check codes and submit insurance bills. This feature is critical for providers performing nursing at home, hospital or visiting homes, or in case of inaccessibility to patient information internet service.

One of the most important features—full control of billing process—can be controlled by provider, no matter where billing is physically done

iSmart EHR is compliant with the federal government’s new 2015 regulation. The WCH’s team headed by Aleksandr Romanychev, CEO and Olga Khabinskay, COO has massive practical experience and knowledge in medical documents circulation and also had the opportunity to carefully study the coordination of a medical practice. “This knowledge definitely helped us to implement new ideas and develop new tools during our preparation for the certification of this new regulation, resulting in a smarter and faster system,” says Olga.

In addition, WCH conducted usability tests for iSmart EHR and the results of these tests helped the company spot weaknesses in the system and deal with them, which eventually enhanced the product quality and consequently, iSmart EHR became more intuitive, user-centered and adaptive (iPad) system. Besides, WCH is always committed to help its customers and adopts an individual approach, what makes it clients’ preferred choice. This one-to-one assistance goes beyond simple resolution of technical issues and the company also provides specialized assistance when the clients ask, for example, questions related to state healthcare programs such as the QPP. WCH provides individual support and education for free. Thanks to WCH’s EHR advisor, the users of iSmart system are always aware that they can send a paper template to the advisor and obtain its electronic version for review. Overall, “thanks to the EHR’s user-friendly interface and support to solve any complications with the product use and poor computer skills that some medical office staff has, everything is taken care of, for the clients,” says Olga.

“These tailor-made solutions along with all our services are designed to increase revenues for practitioners by improving the accuracy of their medical data,” points Olga. WCH focuses more on serving its clients the best, improving patient care, and simplifying a number of tasks for physicians and medical practices. This client-centered approach has been a major factor triggering WCH’s growth over the years.