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WebbMason Marketing: Optimizing Customer Brand Value with Efficient Communication

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Brian Keith, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions Group, WebbMason MarketingBrian Keith, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions Group, WebbMason Marketing
Healthcare organizations are often burdened by the extensive process of understanding the communication cycle and managing it in a manner that protects brand reputation. In this tricky scenario, WebbMason Marketing steps in and proactively provides such organizations with a variety of options to simplify the process and provide leading edge digital asset management.

The relationship-based company, based in Hunt Valley, MD, boasts of a sophisticated and well-maintained group of employees focusing on the complex needs of healthcare organizations—and the required customer support—including, but not limited to, document management systems.

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving nature of the communication cycle within medical organizations, WebbMason Marketing has developed a highly specific solution manage the flow of branded information across a variety of distribution channels.

WebbMason Marketing’s document management system creates and manages hundreds of dynamic templates for its healthcare clients with built-in template-based environments that allow clients to access and configure content.

With the knowledge that the optimal utilization of data can prove to be a differentiating factor for its customers, WebbMason Marketing manages up-to-date content, increases information accessibility, and makes the content configurable and customizable. The healthcare data can subsequently be used to retain members, optimize their experience, and drive traffic toward other digital and physical locations. The highly scalable WebbMason Marketing solution connects silos across the communication channels, thus making it available across business units in the chain. “We link client and partner data to extract valuable insights and drive action by adjusting the creative aspect of the client organization, including the messaging, artwork, and imagery utilized by sales distribution networks,” informs Brian Keith, Vice President, Health Care Solutions at WebbMason Marketing.

With its extensive analytics and multiple dashboards, WebbMason Marketing levels the playing field for smaller health plans by providing benefits that have conventionally been available only to large organizations.

Our multi-functional organization maintains the brand reputation of clients by controlling corporate and field-based communications, as well as discovery assessment

“WebbMason Marketing’s integrated practice brings dedicated teams in the area of data science and analytics, web design and development, digital advertising, print, promotion, sales, and channel enablement together to better facilitate improved health outcomes. “Our multi-functional organization maintains the brand reputation of clients by controlling corporate and field-based communications, as well as discovery assessment,” says Keith. User councils and communities comprising stakeholders like brokers and sales representatives are developed to understand the customer organization and its technology ecosystem, as well as regular tactics used in communication.

WebbMason Marketing’s extensive experience in the field of healthcare communications enables it to guide its clients in managing their member connection process effectively. This can be understood better with a real-life example wherein an AZ-based national prescription-based drug plan company, operating in a space with an aggressive fund line and little user patience, approached WebbMason Marketing. The client found it difficult to abide by its 24-hour turnover time for clinically driven documents like coverage determinations, appeals, and grievances in the Medicare D space. WebbMason Marketing’s document management system became the client company’s backbone that allowed them to manage and plan the content of their templates. WebbMason Marketing used the system to deploy data in a test letter, track in real time, ensuring error-free documents were sent to recipients within the stipulated time frame.

WebbMason Marketing offers a continuum of support to customers lacking the ability to collect and utilize data from across their systems. Over time, the company aims to tailor its solutions to meet the requirements of a wider range of healthcare customers, including hospitals and ancillary care providers.

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WebbMason Marketing

Hunt Valley, MD

Brian Keith, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions Group, WebbMason Marketing

WebbMason Marketing Offers a highly specific solution to optimize customer brand value and manage the flow of information with its distribution channels. Every day hundreds of companies & organizations rely on WebbMason to execute their marketing strategies. Our growth is based on these long term customer relationships and the customers who, over our 30 years in business, continue to ask us to extend their relationships to tackle more of their marketing challenges. Everything we do works to achieve a better business outcome for our customers. We use every marketing tool.