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Welch Allyn: Pragmatic Visionaries Focused on Helping Healthcare Providers

Steve Meyer, President & CEO, Welch AllynSteve Meyer, President & CEO, Welch Allyn
With the evolution of technology, Patient Monitoring Solutions have developed where patients are being monitored from outside of conventional clinical settings resulting in increased access to care and reduced healthcare delivery costs. “Incorporating the patient monitoring systems in chronic disease management is significantly improving an individual’s quality of life by allowing patients to maintain independence, prevent complications, and minimize personal costs,” says Steve Meyer, President and CEO of Welch Allyn. Skaneateles Falls, NY based Welch Allyn combines a practical understanding of clinical needs with a visionary spirit to develop solutions that assess, diagnose, treat, and manage a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. “At Welch Allyn, we focus on bringing sustainable practices to the frontline healthcare professional,” he adds. The company provides superlative medical products, services, and solutions that help healthcare professionals at the point of care in acute and primary settings. “Since 1915 Welch Allyn has brought a unique perspective to developing diagnostic solutions by combining pragmatic knowledge with a visionary spirit of innovation and ongoing improvement,” adds Meyer. The company has a wide range of easy to handle and reliable patient monitoring solutions that improves patient outcome. Welch Allyn offers a portfolio of diagnostic devices that can capture both vital signs and cardiopulmonary information and transmit it to electronic medical record systems directly or through Welch Allyn software.

The company’s Vitals Management Software transfers electronic vitals documentation directly into the electronic medical record (EMR). “Vitals Management Software is the backbone that automates the important documentation process to eliminate manual steps by wirelessly sending patient vitals from the bedside check up to the medications being provided,” says Meyer.

Welch Allyn’s another solution Connex Clinical Surveillance system has been designed specifically for medical/surgical environments to help improve patient safety and outcomes through monitoring and reducing risk within the facility. The system allows clinicians to proactively view patient status 24/7, helping them to respond quickly than with most traditional methods used today on medical/surgical floors.

We aim to help improve infection control, reduce medical errors and inefficiencies, and focus on primary healthcare

The company’s other patient monitoring solutions include Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device that features SureBP (NIBP) Noninvasive Blood Pressure technology which enables fast, accurate 15-second readings. Further, Welch Allyn’s compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use monitor Propaq LT Monitor solution can be used for both hospitals and outpatient surgery facilities for simple procedures, pre-and post-operative care and transport.
“Our deliberate balance of diagnostic devices and high-tech digital and connected solutions has become central to our success as we strive for sustainable growth and look to discover the next technology, product or innovation that will help improve lives around the globe,” asserts Meyer.

Moving forward, Welch Allyn aims to continue improving infection control, reduce medical errors and inefficiencies, and focus on primary healthcare to reduce the need to send patients to acute care facilities. The company values relationships and inculcates an environment of distinction and admiration. “In being true, we are willing to face the unvarnished truths in our business, good or bad, with assertive enthusiasm and vigor, recognizing that doing so speeds decision making and supports our purpose,” adds Meyer. Progressing towards their culture of continuous innovation Welch Allyn plans to become a game changer in the market. “For the future we will continue to invest in technology providing unique user experience, improving collaboration and visibility for healthcare contributor,” concludes Meyer.