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Well Nation Ltd: Driving Technology for Increased Returns

 Patrick Trotter, CEO, Well Nation Ltd
Social media, gamification, personal devices, and mobile apps are reshaping traditional wellness programs—making them more engaging and motivating. These technologies are encouraging member participation, building effective incentive strategies, and aggregating data to demonstrate the financial impact of wellness programs on an organization. Set against this backdrop is Sheboygan, WI-based Well Nation Ltd that offers a highly secure cloud-based, mobile-enabled, flexible wellness platform that uses real-time information to engage the employees, drive behavior change and reduce the cost for the employers. “Our wellness solutions are the end products of our thirteen years of operational experience and data combined with cognitive analytics as it relates to driving behavior change, and predictive analytics modeling that optimizes an ROI,” Patrick Trotter, CEO, Well Nation.

To drive higher member satisfaction and long term client retention, technology is being used to simplify and improve the entire experience. This makes behavior change easy and convenient to document, which can be tracked with automated incentive systems to gain real-time rewards such a premiums, reward malls or HSA’s and HRA’s as account based benefit solutions. The platform is seamless, simple to set up and easy to use flexible, adaptable, and, most importantly is mobile. Well Nation integrates data to create a positive user experience using mobile conductivity, fitness device integration, automated challenges, real time reporting, interactive online health coaching, incentive fulfillment and program management. For the employer the solution is a complete dashboard/control center that helps them manage and monitor their wellness program on a real time basis.

Staying ahead of industry trends has enabled us to provide ongoing and tangible long term ROI's for both our clients and our members

“We enable clients to generate their own reports, administer their own corporate challenges, and communicate when needed using the resource library and an intuitive program management system,” stresses Trotter.

However the bottom line for many companies is a program’s ability to deliver a measurable ROI regardless of its health risk profile, number of locations, or workforce makeup. For instance, Colorado based Pinnacol Assurance partnered with Well Nation to improve the health and productivity of its policyholders. “We enrolled more than 260 employers in the Health Risk Management (HRM) program to improve the workers’ health and reduce workers compensation costs,” explains Trotter. The HRM program reported an ROI of $2—for every dollar spent in just the first year, also demonstrating reductions in 10 health risk factors. After the completion of the four-year program, 91 percent reported that they believed the program improved their employees’ health and safety.

2016 will also see the release of Well Nation’s new e-coaching platform and the bifurcation of the company into both their current Wellness as a Service (WaaS)® offering and a new Wellness as a Platform (WaaP)® enterprise solution. The year will also bring the rollout of its new advanced WellData™ information integration platform.

Well Nation has evolved from a proven traditional wellness company into a technologically driven organization by adapting to a changing mobile world while optimizing the knowledge and experience of 13 years of successful operation. “Staying ahead of industry trends has enabled us to provide ongoing and tangible long term ROI’s for both our clients and our members,” concludes Trotter.