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Wellfit Technologies, Inc.: The Dental Industry's Fintech Solution

Dental practices have worked tirelessly for decades to deliver the highest quality treatment to patients. Thanks to leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D dental imaging, and 3D printing, modern dental procedures are becoming faster and more precise. Despite these developments on the clinical side of things, one factor that continues to holds back dental practices is their dependence on legacy back-office tools. It prevents them from simplifying operations, providing better payment options, and building stronger relationships among patients, providers, employers, and payers.

In order to address this problem, dental practices need to embrace efficient solutions that can enhance the non-clinical component of their practice and provide a better patient experience resulting in greater case acceptance.

Wellfit Promises A Feasible Way Forward Here

“Technology has been focused on improving the essential dentistry components of a practice. With Wellfit, we’re looking to increase treatment adherence through an improved patient payment experience and streamlined front office workflow,” says Fulton Collins, CEO of Wellfit.

Wellfit offers a healthcare technology platform that makes patient financing, dental plans, and payment processing simple, transparent, and cost-effective for providers, patients, and employers. By unifying the payment processes in one simple platform, Wellfit relieves dental practices from the cumbersome task of maintaining multiple, disparate systems. As a result, clinicians can boost treatment acceptability, decrease transaction and administrative costs, and provide transparency to improve patient trust and retention.

A Unified Solution With Multiple Functionalities

Unlike traditional software solutions, Wellfit’s integrated technology platform provides the benefit of three cohesive products—dental plans, payment processing, and patient financing.

Wellfit realizes that nearly 60 percent of potential patients turn down a clinic visit because of cost and time limitations. This is particularly disheartening given that the ratio of treatment quality to cost is at an all-time high. With this in mind, Wellfit empowers providers to educate patients on the benefits and payment options available to them and then deliver those options at the time of need thereby increasing case acceptance.

Wellfit’s integrated fintech solution starts with dental plans. The company’s cloud-based technology and regulatory-compliant administration services deliver a wide range of curated dental plans, including in-house membership plans, discount dental plans, employer plans, and carrier plans.

Every plan integrates with a clinic’s existing practice management system (PMS) and provides transparent upfront pricing to the patient. The plans can be customized, standardized, or white labeled to suit individual practice’s needs.

Benefits are instantly adjudicated, eliminating any confusion regarding what a patient owes. Each party’s share is managed through the proprietary technology, which means payments are processed in near real-time, and providers are paid immediately.

In addition to dental plans, Wellfit can help build the connections between patients and various lenders via its one-of-a-kind Financing MarketPlace. Patients get custom financing options according to their individual needs. They can even set up recurring payment plans and make payments at zero percent interest. Dental practices can tailor the type of financing options they offer to their patients based on the needs of the patients and the practice.

“Our Financing MarketPlace provides a quick self-led journey for patients to apply for financing with multiple lender partners. The approval and funding happens real time, enabling patients to pay the dental practice in full at time of service,” says Collins.

Technology Has Been Focused On Improving The Essential Dentistry Components Of A Practice. With The Wellfit Platform, We’ve Simplified Operations And Created A Much Better Payment Experience For Patients

In addition to enabling a patient to finance dentistry through a lender partner, patients can pay for their dentistry via multiple methods, including credit card, QR code, SMS payment, mobile check deposit, or online bill pay. This enables the clinic to offer treatments expeditiously, relieving patients from the anxiety about the payment side of things. It allows more people to get access to quality dentistry.

“We see dental practices as our partners, and we want the experience to be seamless for both the practice and the patient. At the end of the day, it’s about increasing case acceptance and getting patients the care they need,” adds Collins.

Dental offices that leverage the Wellfit platform have experienced month-over-month growth in revenue as a direct result of more dentistry getting done. Also, offices selling Wellfit plans report over two times revenue from those plan patients. The clients also witness a higher retention rate of patients who buy a Wellfit dental plan. Patients are more likely to come back because they are happy with their overall experience.
  • We Have the Right Team and Technology In Place To Create Real Value For Our Clients With The Goal Of Increasing Case Acceptance

Wellfit’s ability to create a better patient experience is a direct result of the company’s determination to be a partner to their clients instead of just a vendor. As a part of the partnership, Wellfit’s goal is to be integrated into the dental office in a seamless fashion. Wellfit is an integral part of a practice’s day-to-day operations.

A Capable Team at The Core

Wellfit’s robust platform is supported by a team of veterans with years of experience in healthcare, financial services, and technology. The team understands the intricacies of payment processing, financing, and dental plans as well as the challenges of running dental practices. Relationships with clients is of the utmost importance. When the client succeeds, everyone succeeds. The team also engages in regular conversations with dental industry veterans to understand what they require in their offices. Wellfit aligns the platform’s features based on this feedback.

“Dental offices that are not investing in fintech are going to be left behind. We have built a strong team and leading edge technology to help clients modernize their practices, says Collins. “We have team members who know the dental industry inside and out. Their knowledge is invaluable to us and our clients.”

Wellfit is revolutionizing how dentists do business by leveraging technology to solve their biggest pain points. The Company is making significant investments to enhance its products and, in turn, help more clients.

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Wellfit Technologies, Inc.

Wellfit Technologies, Inc.

Irving, TX

Fulton Collins, CEO and Joey AMS, Head Of Business Analytics and Deb Franko, Head Of Marketing and Plans and Richard Mcdonough Esq., General Counsel and Heather Cutler, Head Of Product And Business Development and Jiyoon Song, Head Of Finance And Accounting and Stan Lukken, Head Of Technology , Wellfit Technologies, Inc.

Wellfit is a trusted partner for a technology-powered financing marketplace, unified payment processes, and modern, compliant membership and discount dental plans. The company is revolutionizing how dentists do business by leveraging technology to solve the biggest pain points to case acceptance.