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WellVia: Easy-To-Use Platform to Deliver Virtual Healthcare with Exceptional Care

Todd Thoman, President, WellViaTodd Thoman, President, WellVia
With the dramatic rise in chronic conditions and medical complications tied to improper post-discharge care, employers are pushing innovative health and wellness tools and programs out to their employees and families. By bringing healthcare services to patients, telehealth is becoming a transformational tool for the delivery of services, whether at home, holiday or at work. Embracing the use of Telehealth, Bryan, Texas-based WellVia, provides members with bi-lingual comprehensive access to affordable, high quality care for non-emergency medical needs, wellness coaching and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) specialists. The firm’s physician network is capable of treating a wide range of common conditions such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu, headache, heartburn, joint aches and many more.

Pioneering the space with new strategies, communication channels and approaches, WellVia connects patients directly through the use of a telephone or computer to one of their U.S. based board-certified physicians within a few minutes of them requesting a consultation. “Not only do patients save time and hassle, they also save money – and so does the employer because the overall cost of healthcare is reduced significantly through our solutions,” affirms Todd Thoman, President of WellVia. Credentialed using NCQA standards and regulations, WellVia’s providers offer patient consultations 24/7/365 in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Once the consultation has been issued and accepted, the physician accesses the patient’s HIPAA protected electronic health record by logging into WellVia’s proprietary Physician Platform. Physicians are then required to review the patient’s medical history and chief complaint prior to the platform initiating a call back to the patient. All inbound patient calls, as well as the physician / patient interaction, are recorded and stored in WellVia’s HIPAA compliant technology.

Continually adding new solutions into their Telehealth offering is one of WellVia’s key core principles. “Incorporating our new state-of-the-art biometric screening program will allow participating individuals the opportunity to get an individualized health risk assessment,” asserts Thoman. This biometric screening will identify risk factors and provide results from collected blood panels. The HRA will be used to help categorize each participant’s medical needs and their respective health risk level relative to the entire employee population.

Using our state-of-the-art biometric screening, we provide an individualized health risk assessment for each plan participant

Incorporating this offering into the employer’s plan design will save employees time off work, lost productivity, and unnecessary expense on their employers health insurance annual experience report.

Additionally, WellVia’s contemporary EAP provides convenient, high-tech access to benefits that help employees and families reduce stress and manage life responsibilities. Through a single sign-on solution within the wellviasolutions.com site, a network of clinicians, life coaches and work/life specialists, allow members to receive comprehensive, personalized support for any personal or professional need.

“Our technologies, precision, and our unwavering focus geared towards guaranteeing our customers unparalleled information and service has been a key component in our winning new relationships,” extols Thoman. In one instance, WellVia assisted a reputed client who wanted to have real-time information to understand what utilization rates were and what were the services provided by the previous telehealth company. WellVia provided the client, the ability to preempt those issues with its customizable Administrative Portal that incorporates advanced functionalities and tools. Through this solution, the client was able to choose, customize and send materials online and improved their portability which in turn unlocked lots of data silos.

Focusing on all aspects of delivering the best patient experience in the healthcare system, WellVia’s physicians are also able to write prescriptions, when deemed medically necessary; however, the firm does not issue prescriptions for substances controlled by the DEA, non-therapeutic, and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. Forging ahead, WellVia aims to provide affordable nationwide Telehealth services through its custom platform and HIPAA compliant processes. “Our commitment is to bring healthcare solutions to each and every person, regardless of work status, current insurance coverage or time constraints, rather than inconvenience the patient with long lines, high deductibles and time away from the office,” states Thoman.