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Workpath: Simplifying Mobile Workforce Management

Eddie Peloke, CEO, WorkpathEddie Peloke, CEO, Workpath
Every year 650,000 individuals battle cancer and receive chemotherapy as part of their treatment. These patients undergo venipuncture and diagnostics to evaluate their blood count and general chemistry according to clinical protocols. Such markers drive medical decision-making on whether to proceed with chemotherapy or not. However, the workflow for administering chemotherapy treatment is flawed, often leading to long wait times and poor experiences for vulnerable patients, along with inefficient medical team management and wasted resources.

Given the current state of delivering chemotherapy in healthcare facilities, a Virginia based startup, Workpath set out to transform this ineffective model for one of the leading cancer treatment centers in New York. Workpath assessed the center’s standard operating procedures and assimilated it into its proprietary product that organizes, manages, dispatches, and guides healthcare specialists. Leveraging Workpath’s solution, the center was able to dispatch specialists to patients’ homes, or their places of choice, which helped patients avoid hospital trips prior to treatment. As a result, Workpath helped increase patient satisfaction rating to 100 percent, expand the reach of the center’s care, and grow the organization’s revenue. In addition, the cancer treatment center was able to add 33 incremental hours to deliver more care and received timely actionable insights into their patient population in advance of chemotherapy, while patients avoided unnecessary visits to the hospital.

Workpath is on a mission to simplify the complexities of mobile workforce management in healthcare organizations by providing tools to manage their networks, and more importantly deliver care to patients regardless of their location. The company builds intelligent technology that digitally deploys mobile healthcare labor to perform the most important services in healthcare, when, and where it is needed. “Our technology enables any organization to automate the process of organizing, dispatching, tracking, and managing its personnel to perform specialized services,” states Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath.

The company helps create efficiencies, reduce overhead costs, and develop new revenue streams on its HIPAA compliant subscription-based platform. Healthcare providers can manage teams in real time, follow up on any issues in the field, reschedule appointments, and systematically communicate with patients about their services.

Our technology enables any organization to automate the process of organizing, dispatching, tracking, and managing its personnel to perform specialized services

The platform allows a healthcare provider to create new appointments and monitor the workload of its entire workforce or even that of a single individual with real-time status updates. Work opportunities can be assigned or listed for an organization’s employees or contractors to accept on a “first come first serve” basis. The specialists who perform the services—nurses, phlebotomists, technicians, and other healthcare professionals—can accept new appointments and manage their work assignments. They can set their desired work radius to receive notifications about new opportunities in the area, and Workpath’s tagging system ensures that only qualified users are able to administer the service. Additionally, automated appointment reminder text and email messages are sent to patients to create better patient experiences.

Recently, Workpath has announced the expansion of its platform to allow users to order, publish, and schedule daily shifts or on-call shifts at facilities, patient homes, staff events, and fill any open shifts. The growing technology company, which is capable of applying it platform outside of healthcare, also offers the ability to schedule recurring shifts through its technology. Apart from features designed to improve everyday workflows for healthcare organizations, Workpath is continuing to add new functionality on a regular basis designed to enhance quality, safety, and compliance. Health systems, laboratories, home health agencies, and other healthcare organizations around the country are now using Workpath’s platform. As a fully integrated platform, care providers can now automate their process of curating, managing, and tracking their workforce to perform a variety of critical healthcare services.