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WorldCare International: Vitalizing Medical Second Opinions

Nasser Menhall, CEO, WorldCare InternationalNasser Menhall, CEO, WorldCare International
The Institute of Medicine’s “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care” opined that nearly five percent of outpatient diagnoses are incorrect and that most people experience a misdiagnosis in their lifetime, causing a loss of $750 billion to the healthcare sector, each year. WorldCare International, Inc. (WorldCare) pioneered institution-based medical second opinions from the leading specialists at the top-ranked U.S. hospitals, to improve healthcare. “We have fostered strategic, technological and operational relationships with the top-ranked hospitals representing over eighteen thousand specialists, called The WorldCare Consortium®,” says Nasser Menhall, CEO, WorldCare. With over two decades of experience and a presence across 40 countries, WorldCare stands committed to “offering the most clinically-rigorous” medical second opinions.

The process begins with an intake call between the member and a WorldCare Nurse Case Manager at WorldCare’s Medical Hub in Boston. The Nurse Case Manager arranges the collection and consolidation of the member’s complete medical records and selection of the best-suited multi-disciplinary team of specialists at a WorldCare Consortium® facility to review the case. The Nurse Case Manager oversees the entire process and is the central communication point for the member and their designated physician, The WorldCare Consortium® team and WorldCare. A comprehensive second opinion report confirming or modifying the member’s diagnosis and providing treatment recommendations plus much more is provided to and reviewed with the member and their treating physician. The report provides the information and resources needed to help the member and their physician make informed healthcare decisions. When the diagnosis differs drastically from the original diagnosis, it is sent to a third facility for an additional level of clinical depth and rigor. The entire process from the first call to the gathering of records usually lasts a fortnight, but once the records are in place, cases are turned around in approximately one week.

Our unique institution-based second opinions provide an unmatched level of clinical expertise and rigor that differentiates us from our competitors

“During emergencies, when immediate answers are required, we have turned around cases in a matter of hours,” says Menhall. He attributes the rapid turn-around times to the highly-trained WorldCare team and the deep relations they have built with the various stakeholders within the WorldCare Consortium®. “Our unique institution-based second opinions provide an unmatched level of clinical expertise and rigor that differentiates us from our competitors,” mentions Menhall. This has resulted in a patient satisfaction rate of close to 99 percent.

Menhall mentions the case of a pregnant woman from Canada suffering from cancer, wherein the doctors after diagnosing, had concluded that her lifespan was short and that she should terminate her twin pregnancy. The WorldCare Consortium® facility that provided the in-depth second opinion review, traced her cancer to a rare mutation that could be treated by a particular chemotherapy. The treatment resulted in the woman giving birth and living long enough to see her twins grow.

Completing tens of thousands of reviews, WorldCare’s holistic approach has resulted in a 26 percent change in diagnoses, a 75 percent change in treatment plans and returns on investments ranging from 125 to 600 percent in gross healthcare costs. In addition to a humongous savings in average treatment costs per case, there is a significant reduction in the average number of work days missed per employee.

WorldCare continues to invest in their technology platforms to further expedite the process of transferring medical records and information to the hospitals and in improving back office operations to offer enhanced client and member experiences. With several new clients coming on-board this year, WorldCare is set to expand its global footprint beyond the existing 40 countries.