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Xoran Technologies: Better Diagnosis through POC CT Systems

Misa Rakic, CEO, Xoran TechnologiesMisa Rakic, CEO, Xoran Technologies
Clinicians have turned to CT imaging for decades, anytime a patient needs effective diagnostic imaging. Radiology departments throughout the United States understand the need for lower dose, quicker imaging. But advancement in radiation technology has often centered around larger and faster devices, as opposed to making systems that are more patient-friendly.

Xoran Technologies has added an additional, powerful improvement, and that is why they are one of our Top 10 Healthcare Workflow Solution Providers of 2021. Instead of bringing the patient to the CT device, Xoran’s devices go directly to the patient—at the point of care. Pointof- care (POC) CT means clinicians can perform CT imaging directly where the patient is being examined and treated. This increased efficiency translates to meaningful improvements for patients, including fewer health care visits and faster treatment.

But there are challenges in designing POC devices that work successfully within a clinic or hospital’s workflow. Xoran Technologies has been offering innovative imaging technologies for more than two decades now. One of the pioneers and early movers in this segment, Xoran found its niche in cone beam technology for instant diagnosis at the patient’s point of care. “We are passionate about finding ways to help patients by providing better tools for doctors,” says Misha Rakic, CEO, Xoran Technologies. “Twenty years ago, we came up with our first ENT device, and today we are the market leader with 900 plus devices installed in the ENT office across the U.S.”

Treatment starts with diagnosis, and Rakic believes that Xoran’s tools can provide the best possible diagnostic imaging, leading to best-in-class treatment planning.

20 years ago, we came up with our first ENT device, and today we are the market leader with 900 plus devices installed in the ENT office across the U.S.

The company has been able to reduce the time from diagnosis to treatment immensely as the doctors can themselves perform CT scans at the point of care and begin treatment immediately, making it convenient for both patients and doctors.

Xoran’s flagship product, MiniCAT is an in-office imaging solution for ENT and Allergy specialists. Once a patient is comfortably seated in the system, the diagnostic image is available on the doctor’s computer right away. The small, upright MiniCAT in-office CT system optimizes the ENT doctor-patient interaction since the CT images are available immediately after the low dose scan is taken. All of Xoran’s in-office products can be accredited by Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). In fact, the majority of IAC accredited facilities under the Sinus and Temporal Bone application are MiniCAT customers.

The xCAT, on the other hand, is designed to meet the specific needs of surgical specialists who require high-definition bone images. Xoran’s xCAT IQ caters to the neurosurgical suite and neuro Intensive Care Unit (ICU). These mobile solutions allow clinicians to scan patients at their bedside, nullifying the effort taken to move a critical patient from the ICU to the Radiology Department.

Since the products generate vast amounts of images and data, Xoran Technologies has XoranConnect, an online cloud-based system to store all data. "Xoran Connect will be a perfect solution for future data mining,” says Rakic. “We can use technologies such as AI and neural networks to mine those studies and teach the systems how to diagnose certain pathologies.” These AI-enabled tools will augment doctors’ capabilities and help them make better, more accurate diagnoses. The company has received grants from the National Institute of Health for its mobile imaging equipment. In addition, Xoran Technologies has come up with vTRON that gives full-body, high-quality 3D scanned images of patients within two minutes while the patient is under the effect of anesthesia, reducing the need for multiple doses of anesthesia. The system is currently available for veterinarians.

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Xoran Technologies

Xoran Technologies

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Misa Rakic, CEO , Xoran Technologies

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