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Ziosoft: Advanced Visualization for Better Care

Shusuke Chino, President, ZiosoftShusuke Chino, President, Ziosoft
Medical imaging, as a key diagnostic tool for diseases, has been the torch-bearer of the technological advancements in the healthcare industry. The imaging modalities have evolved to produce medical images with higher resolution for physicians and radiologists to interpret. The evolution has however brought complexities in image analysis, making it difficult for physicians and radiologists to utilize these images for better healthcare. As healthcare organizations continue to move toward value-based care, they need intelligent solutions to improve outcomes, enhancing patient and staff experience while lowering cost of healthcare delivery. Founded in 1998, Ziosoft has been providing automation tools for healthcare organizations to lower the burden of analyzing massive data and help physicians and hospital staff to improve decision making.

With the best-in-class advanced visualization and analytics solutions, Ziosoft excels as a vendor-neutral company that addresses the inefficiencies in care delivery. “We stress on developing cutting-edge technology for the medical imaging world to overcome the evolving challenges in healthcare,” says Shusuke Chino, President, Ziosoft. The firm’s multi-modality advanced visualization and analysis platform—Ziostation2—is specifically designed to handle a new generation of multi-modality imaging data that combines anatomical and metabolic images such as CT, MR, PET, and SPECT.

Ziostation2 combines clinical acuity and workflow efficiency across multiple clinical domains in a single, comprehensive solution to help physicians work efficiently and with an increased confidence– especially during reading and follow-up of multi-faceted cases. The platform also purveys an advanced preprocessing system to automatically perform image processing operations of the received images for enhancing their team’s ability to collaborate and provide better diagnosis, alongside managing time, equipment resources and cost. The automatic preprocessing system improves the efficiency of image processing workflow, by providing unparalleled image quality and indications-driven workflow for a wide range of clinical applications.

Our challenges will never come to an end; hence we are devoting ourselves to cutting-edge technology for medical imaging world

3D advanced visualization alone can sometimes be insufficient for the clinicians when it comes to post-image processing. Clinicians require a robust 4D advanced processing platform to develop clinical enhancements. Ziosoft offers a one-of-a-kind post-processing advanced imaging system, PhyZiodynamics that empowers physicians to perform 4D image processing to support applications for a wide variety of target organ. PhyZiodynamics allows the automated registration of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)-based modality images into dynamic 3D and 4D organ data sets, with high fidelity motion coherence, enabling clinicians to achieve better diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic patient outcomes.

With more than 2,000 systems installed globally, Ziosoft’s best-in-class technology platform is helping patients and clinicians to provide quality care, lower dose options, and precision in surgical and treatment planning every day. With a scalable architecture, Ziosoft is committed to help healthcare organizations resolve the issues related to information silos and improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care delivery without human intervention during image processing.

Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become the biggest topic in the medical imaging space. The firm is adopting these technologies to improve the performance of the advanced visualization system to the next dimension, assisting users for much more effective and more robust diagnostic workflow. Also, since the innovation in healthcare has been driven by scientific research, Ziosoft has been investing not only in developing the product for day-to-day practice but also in scientific research as well. The firm also promises to fully deploy its finest product supported by research and clinical community throughout the world and continues to disrupt the healthcare market.