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AscellaHealth: Modernizing Medical Care with Innovative PBM

AscellaHealth: Modernizing Medical Care...

Dea Belazi, President & CEO,AscellaHealth

Blue Eagle Consulting: Best-In-Class Health IT Consulting Services

Blue Eagle Consulting: Best-In-Class...

Mark Griffin, President,Blue Eagle Consulting

Benefits of Introducing Blockchain in Healthcare

Benefits of Introducing Blockchain in...

Karl Brown, EVP Quality and Group Operations, HealthCare Partners

PharmPix Corporation: Accurate, Simple, and Secure PBM

PharmPix Corporation: Accurate, Simple, and Secure PBM

Martty Martinez-Fraticelli, President & Chief Pharmacy Officer,PharmPix Corporation

CitiusTech: Healthcare Technology Specialists

CitiusTech: Healthcare Technology...

William Winkenwerder, Jr. Chairman & MD,CitiusTech

DENmaar: Medical Billing and Credentialing Made Easy

DENmaar: Medical Billing and...

Chris Husted, President,DENmaar