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SOAPware: Reimagining Electronic Healthcare

SOAPware: Reimagining Electronic Healthcare

Dr. Randall Oates, M.D. President & CEO,SOAPware

eClinicalWorks: Deploying Ambulatory Clinical Solutions

Girish Navani, CEO & Co-founder,eClinicalWorks

Health Security Solutions: Fortifying Healthcare Data and Streamlining Compliance

Steve Spearman, Founder & Chief Security Consultant,Health Security Solutions

Informatics Corporation of America: Strategic Interoperability Expert

Informatics Corporation of America:...

Gary Zegiestowsky, CEO,Informatics Corporation of America

Growth and Application Delivery on a National Scale

Growth and Application Delivery on a...

Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

Masimo: Noninvasive Patient Monitoring Experts

Masimo: Noninvasive Patient Monitoring...

Joe E. Kiani CEO & Chairman of the Board,Masimo

Are You Ready ?

Are You Ready ?

Michele Scaggiante, VP & CIO, New York Blood Center

The Warring Tribes of Healthcare

George Curtis, CIO, Houston Healthcare

Big Data: Using IT Every Day

Michael G. Hunt, CMIO, St. Vincent‘s Health Services

Transforming Healthcare IT through Low Cost, High Value Service Delivery

Transforming Healthcare IT through Low...

Mark D. Barner, CEO, Ascension Information Services and SVP/CIO, Ascension