AI Automation Boosting the Healthcare Industry

AI Automation Boosting the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often misconceptualized as attention seeking robots taking part in complex operations and surgeries. One of the most well-known perks of AI is automation in the healthcare industry, which usually is left out when talked about the benefits of AI. With the boost in AI technologies and machine learning, a major shift of technology has been observed in the healthcare industry. The technology has made its way into basic day-to-day operations and data is being utilized to improve the sector at a rapid pace.

Future of AI: The traditional databases are incapable of storing and processing the modern day unstructured data that comes in various forms and from various sources. The solution to the emerging huge volumes of data is AI and machine learning. Automation playing a key role in modifying the healthcare with help of AI as it is efficient to read and understand the unstructured data. The innovations in electronic healthcare record (EHR), revenue cycle and basic operations will see AI enabled interface, both in public and private sector. AI will be integrated into the clinical workflows in existing tools like EHRs and medical imaging technology such as picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), empowering practitioners with real-time data at the point of care. AI will also make costly and time-consuming projects feasible by reducing the investment cost and speeding up the computation of complex process.  Further, the funds saved from one project can be regulated or used for new research projects in healthcare.

Key Benefits of Automation

Apart from carrying out complex tasks like work list optimization and hanging protocols, if provided with supportive infrastructure the AI technology can be really handy for operations and administrative areas making the overall process fast, dependable and accurate even with a load of massive data. Below are a few such areas which will have an impact of automation.     

•​  Paced up EHR Process: Automation is a boon when it comes to accessing the real-time data and AI with high processing speed and familiar to unstructured data makes it possible. It reduces the overall stress of physician hence enabling them to provide a better quality of service. With the help new custom APIs, data acquired from them and its proper analysis will also help the physicians to provide immediate and much proper assistance to critical patients.

•​  Prescription Assistance: Automation can be really handy when it comes to assisting the patients with a prescription, as it takes a lot of time and stress to assist each one of them. With a voice-activated virtual assistant, it can be easily tackled. These new AI enabled virtual assistants, with the help of their database will easily be able to assist each patient without any hassle and stress.

•​  Adaptive staffing: Health care system face a huge problem of staffing at the time of fluctuating emergencies and sometimes may lack behind in patient satisfactory experience. Machine learning plays a really good helping hand in such scenarios as it is capable of adjusting and adapting as per the situation requires and can fill up the shortage of staff to make the overall patient experience satisfactory.

The healthcare industry has faced budgetary, staffing, resources constraints for long and AI will surely be a boon to it as it has the capabilities to overcome such constraints and take this industry to new heights.

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