Efficient Healthcare with Voice

Efficient Healthcare with Voice

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Voice recognition technology is not a new term to the current world as it has already stepped into various industries like automotive, aerospace, transportation, law, and healthcare. However, healthcare is one of the few industries that have a wide possibility of using voice interaction technology in their functions. This is because of a large amount of valuable and important data processing done by the healthcare industry such as patient chart and database management, and patient care.

Amazing technological innovations like Alexa, Google, and Siri have already taken the hearts of the people who have understood the advantages and outcomes of voice interaction technology. Previously, a person should had to go through some steps like typing on a keyboard, clicking with the mouse, and getting a result to search and find information from the internet. But with the use of voice, it the person who needs the information can have results in the form of voice as well as text format, in a much easier way than the traditional way of data processing. This spontaneous data processing and information sharing through voice are playing a vital role in optimizing the user experience.

Orbita, a voice technology developing company, part of the Intel Ecosystem, offers the first ever business platform for creating and leveraging HIPAA-voice and chatbot applications.

Voice is gaining more relevance in the healthcare and medicine landscapes. Accuracy is a relevant factor in all of the medical functions and activities that can be validated as the most important tool for the diagnosis process. AI and voice technology ensures a higher level of accuracy through its activities. Simplicity comes as another advantage of the voice technology. While using voice technology, the user doesn’t need much time to go through processes, similar to how people use voice to search for any personal purposes; that is an example for the simplicity that voice technology offers.

The speed of information processing is the next major factor that attracts more people towards voice interaction devices. It increases the clinical speed as well as the speed of the whole organization’s functions. Voice can also work as a cost-effective tool to screen diagnosis, like various other items “demonetized” in the healthcare.


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