Genome Mapping to Bolster Precision Medicine

Genome Mapping to Bolster Precision Medicine

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 27, 2022

Genome Mapping opens new avenues for precision medicine.

FREMONT, CA: Sources say that Genome mapping is a reliable new method for the enablement of potential therapeutics to cure lupus. This, in turn, establishes opportunities to unleash the power of precision medicine. Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic, fatal, and autoimmune disorder that does not have any possible cure.

This condition primarily occurs among racial minorities and affects both adults and children. Genome mapping proves to be an effective solution to cure and regulate terms pertaining to autoimmune diseases. Experts elucidate that the two kinases, HIPK1 and MINK1, when targeted in helper T cells, provide stunning results. This process, based on genome mapping, can inhibit the production of disease-causing secretions and cure the autoimmune or chronic health conditions such as lupus.

Top 10 Healthcare Startups - 2019Researchers are focusing on HIPK1 transgenic mouse models and analyze and thereby, study and draw insights about susceptibility and the enzyme’s impact and its antiviral immunity parameters. Genome mapping forms an excellent method to keep not only track of the genes but also record the location and other traits of the participating genes on a chromosome.

Recent advancements in genome mapping have opened newer ways to carry out gene mapping techniques. The process of finding the position of the genes is revitalized with accuracy. Modern genome mapping supports the identification of the exact place and frequency of the gene and gene operations. Such a promising feature of genome mapping has today made it to be the best ever prospect in terms of achieving every goal related to precision medicine. Thus, genome mapping stands as the opportunity for the progress of the goodness of precision medicine.

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