Importance of Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Importance of Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, March 23, 2020

Full-fledged digital presence of healthcare enterprises is important now, more than ever.

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is relatively lagging behind others in terms of digital marketing. In this situation, adapting to changing marketing trends demands an online presence, as more than 90 percent of patients look at online reviews as they search for medical providers and professionals.

Thus, having an online strategy to increase visibility and reach, while decreasing expenditures becomes imperative. This involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and proper social media presence, especially during a global pandemic.

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Several patients booking appointments online feel that the website is either a clunky one or they have to wait for a long time, hitting a pain point. A website should learn from this and be responsive, along with adapting to the screen size of the device used. It shall be Google friendly too.

A right SEO strategy is crucial to be visible to a potential customer as healthcare companies conducts an online search. A better SEO strategy by a nearby hospital can rank it higher than their own website. Hence, it is important to use relevant keywords most likely used by patients and physicians. There are services to help in this area. All online content of the organization should be optimized with SEO. A keyword’s performance depends on how fast organizations adapts to Google’s updates.

Social Media and New Content Always

Produce newer content that facilitates a personalized experience for consumers. Healthcare enterprises has to think outside just the blog posts and newsletters. Companies can think of chatbots on the website for FAQs.

Having social media pages also demands quality graphics, videos, and posts. Facebook is the second widely-used social media platform, while more than half of its users check their walls multiple times a day. Healthcare organizations may find new patients in this space.

Video tutorials on YouTube and on other social networking sites likely make public to seek the same doctor who appeared online. Videos like “How to schedule a consultation in 5 minutes!” Along with a hyperlink to the appointments page, can make them book one then and there.

Other Profiles

Having a WebMD profile is important, as doctors can be reached by the public to answer questions, this helps in promoting themselves and the hospital they work for.

A Google business profile can give a quick glance at company’s business, while users can also rate it publicly. This also increases their visibility in search results.

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