Livongo to Provide Push Health Nudges to SmartWatch Users

Livongo to Provide Push Health Nudges to SmartWatch Users

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

With an increase in technology, Livongo has introduced an app for wearables, which can track the health of their users and give valuable suggestions to maintain their health conditions.

FREMONT, CA- Livongo, a chronic illness management organization, has lately introduced combinations with top wearable healthcare provider firms to alert consumers on their devices with timely health-related updates. The members of the company will have the ability to link their smartwatches to the Livongo’s app to get important updates of health on the go.

The app offers personalized insights to the users, which, in return, help in positive behavior change leading to better health conditions. App also provides five-day programs called “health challenges,” which are meant to assist members in developing healthier lifestyle practices through instructional material, setting achievable goals, and monitoring progress.

By extending its reach to more common consumer appliances, Livongo's aims to enhance the comfort of its conduct change intervention — and consequently involvement with it. But the two-way nature of this integration is particularly noteworthy, allowing Livongo to collect its data recorded by the sensors of the smartwatches. For example, if a user chooses to upload their daily steps to the service, Livongo can finalize their program and notifications.

The app aims to improve the health conditions of its dedicated users. The app will be sending reminders to walk or to take a break from work, and the very next day, the developers can see whether the users are following the commands. If they didn’t follow, then it’s time to think again whether the right message was delivered at the right person or not.

Integration of the company with smartwatches fits into its experiments with fresh ways of engaging employees. The users will be more aware of their health conditions, and they can take steps forward to maintain their health.

The concept of smartwatches or other devices which can provide medical benefits is gaining momentum in the medical community as well as with the users themselves. The wearables are no longer mere steps or calorie counter; they can now read blood pressure levels, heart rate, sleep, stress levels, etc. With more advanced technology, these features increase every day. 

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