Promising Opportunities of Telemedicine in Healthcare

Promising Opportunities of Telemedicine in Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Telemedicine redefines healthcare access in a number of different ways. It can play a vital role in enhancing access to high-quality physicians and medication in countries where a large proportion of the population lives in far-flung geographical locations with very little or no healthcare infrastructure. In particular, it has proven to be the best answer to provide specialized healthcare, expand access, and reduce healthcare costs. Telemedicine contains an increasing number of applications and services like bidirectional video, email, wireless telephones, and other telecommunications technologies.

Remote monitoring is a great advantage of telemedicine that enables a patient to be monitored by a sensor device and a physician who sits far away from the patient. Most times, a senior citizen may have faced serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and they always require frequent checkups and medications. Here, telemedicine plays a vital role in providing healthcare for those monitored patients as a virtually caring physician. It also reduces the number of visits by patients required to ensure continuous analysis of the patient’s health status, reducing the additional transportation costs.

In most cases, telemedicine reduces the chance of admissions in hospitals. The reason is that the technology act as a bridge between the physicians and the patients where there is frequent monitoring. The doctors are able to easily analyze and track the patient’s medical situation through the connected devices and provide them additional medications before any problem or disease appears. This is an effective and preventive solution against various diseases that can reduce costs involved in getting admitted to the hospital, which will then help doctors to facilitate a smooth and efficient patient care system.

In the case of hospitals or the healthcare organizations, the surroundings will not be as good as the patient’s home conditions. Several patients might have different diseases; they would spread germs from their body, and thus, it cannot be considered as a healthy environment for the patient. Sometimes, it may cause additional illness to some patients. Especially, the elderly people and kids tend to have a weaker immune system causing faster affection due to viruses from the unhealthy and polluted environment. This is another way that telemedicine protects patients from such issues when they are treated from their home environment.

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