Providers Active Involvement for a Better Patient Care

Providers Active Involvement for a Better Patient Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, May 03, 2019

Patient CareThe patient experience profession has been exploding. At the very same time, as public health factors are multiplying, efforts have become very popular to involve patients in their own health. However, these two notions appear to be disconnected. Healthcare professionals talk about health engagement, but not always healthcare experience. However, when we look at current state of health care, the difference becomes significant. The fact is that healthcare industry participants devote substantial resources to strengthening patient experience. Technology and labor investments are being done to improve patient engagement, both prospective and current. This switch in patient engagement has resulted from a growing number of patients playing a more active role in handling their health-related issues through digital platforms.

Patient engagement is the act of the patient and provider working together to improve health, according to HIMSS. Patient engagement is the strategic thinking that takes place between all interested parties in health care and members of the care team with the ultimate aim of making a patient healthier. This is an important task and therefore encompasses several strategies related to specific aspects of the healthcare system.

Every healthcare provider meeting with the patient leads to the entire experience of the patient. Patient experience places the burden of care primarily on the health care provider, which means that the provider is personally accountable for the experience of the patient from beginning to end. To enhance the therapeutic relationship between the patient and the provider, understanding the touch points of this experience is critical. Patient engagement leaves back the patient's responsibility for health care. Patients have the opportunity to improve their health and well-being through a variety of available health care services. The patient must, however, act for engagement to occur. The main determining factor between patient experience and patient engagement is this shift in onus from provider to patient.

Patient experience relies on the steps taken by the physician to empower the experience of a patient, while patient engagement focuses on the actions taken by a patient to partake in the health care professional's services. Differences around patient experience and engagement are evident and both function hand in hand when it comes to realizing the full gambit of a patient's interaction with health care providers.

There is no doubt that healthcare professionals and patients have a privilege of working within the boundaries of the concepts of patient experience and patient engagement. Advances in technology, have developed the patient engagement framework and made it much easier for a patient to handle their health issues.

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