The Impact of Healthcare AI Technology in Improving Patient Outcome

The Impact of Healthcare AI Technology in Improving Patient Outcome

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Healthcare AI is making hype inside the industry by its ability in fetching information, process and concluding it without direct human input, that too faster and without making errors. Healthcare AI technology is used to analyze diseases or treatment techniques and patients’ outcome. Diagnosis processes are using HCAI for delivering reports error-free which lifts the level of further treatment.

There are some ways, by which AI in healthcare technology is improving patients’ outcome.

In radiology: The amount of captured medical images are growing rapidly in such a way it becomes too much hectic to check the reports up for hospital stuff in time and the rush make them do the mistakes sometimes. AI can wipe out these imperfections by analyzing medical images faster and detecting anomalies in a better way. Microsoft’s project InnerEye is helping oncologists by making 3d images of the reports and saving their time by hours.

In assisting virtually: Instead of consulting with doctors, again and again, patients can use VA as a virtual doctor. VA enables patients to make the interactions with a doctor in real time basis and keeps working on patients’ data analysis. Seeing the symptoms people can ask for prescriptions and diets for common medical conditions. One of the great uses of VA is for the dementia patients in keeping them reminded about their medications.

In reducing and consulting costs: According to the Frost & Sullivan reports, including AI can reduce treatments’ cost by even 50 percent by deducting human errors during procedures or by providing information to doctors about the patients to avoid hospitals re-admissions.

Patients and doctors both may get to know about a consulting period that is how long a particular patient needs to be admitted in the hospital or how long a particular treatment needs to be carrying out.

Healthcare Bots are highly useful in patient engagement, provided through mobile apps, can send messages quickly and act as reminders too. Health Chatbots can make conversations with patients and provide medical prescription too.

Amazon Alexa helps in finding the hospital directory, keeps posting about weather and plays music for the patients.

AI in the health industry is changing the way of seeing functions of radiologists and doctors. Despite all concerns regarding using AI, there is no doubt it will hugely improve patients’ care. 

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