What are the Benefits of Using Paediatric-Based EMR?

What are the Benefits of Using Paediatric-Based EMR?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, October 30, 2020

The pediatric department in the healthcare sector uses pediatric-based EMR to streamline their workflow and improve the patient experience.

FREMONT, CA: As the specialty EMR software trend is continuously increasing, pediatricians are on the list of doctors who can profit the most by applying the pediatric-based EMR. Here are some of the benefits that the pediatricians can appreciate, along with offering high-quality care.

1. Electronically record and transmit patient immunization records

For pediatric health maintenance activities, it is crucial to have the ability to record and transmit several immunizations efficiently electronically. Pediatric EHR can be defined as the specialized information system that offers better support to the pediatricians to track the immunization data, consisting of eligibility assessment, maintaining an inventory of separate vaccines, and submitting the information as the report whenever necessary.

Pediatric EHR empowers the pediatricians with a customizable immunization muster, alerting them in pending vaccinations and offering automated reminder letters to the patients.

Top 10 Pediatrics Solution Companies - 20192. Convenience for families

Patient portals can increase communication efficiency and convenience for the providers, patients, and parents. With the patient portal's help, the families can easily visualize and print immunization records, growth charts, diagnostic test results, and school forms. Parents and caregivers can even request documents without paying a visit to the doctor, refills, and referrals. The pediatricians can streamline their workflow, enhance the patient experience, and save time with patient portals.

The patient portal is also designed to empower the patients with the information they need to maintain their health proactively. The patients can even review personal health records (PHR), request prescription records, update their demographics, view lab results and education materials, and send secure messages related to clinical questions.

3. Readily available biometric-specific norms for growth curves and support growth charts for children

The pediatric EMR also offers the pediatricians the capability to utilize age-specific bars for weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), height or length, and head circumference to evaluate and display growth percentiles.

The pediatric electronic health record is designed to offer a complete display of growth charts with specific growth parameters like head circumference, height, BMI, and weight.

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