What is the Need to Create Infusion Pumps

What is the Need to Create Infusion Pumps

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

Introduction of new smart infusion pumps to address the safety issues related to the healthcare industry. These pumps will be more streamlined and cost saving.

FREMONT, CA- Out of 1.5 million adverse drug events that are reported annually to the FDA, more than half are because of infusion-related errors. The automated pumps delivering medications to the patients have a greater risk and can make mistakes more than other kinds of medication administration. Many cases are being reported of patient injury or death owing to human or software error causing inaccurate dosing.

Ivenix, a medical device company, has recently received license clearance for a new infusion pump which is meant for the safety of the healthcare industry with more advanced technology. The more the company researched the existing problems in the industry, they found that a lot of issues were due to information.

To make a good clinical decision, necessary information is needed in hand, and it was noticed that the existing pumps don’t communicate. Along with the pumps, the company will also develop a dashboard associated with the system, which allows clinicians to see infusion information from their computer or mobile device.

Nurses can see all other information like the pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure in the monitor but the most important thing in the process is the drug infusion, which is not visible. It is the most dangerous and risky step in the whole process, which is neglected in almost every case.

Cybersecurity is a significant problem with pumps, particularly after the capacity of safety scientists to hack equipment and alter dosage remotely has been proven. In order to minimize risk, the devices produced by Ivenix will not respond to the incoming signals directly, but it will communicate via an encrypted server, which will add another level of security. Work is going on to build technology which can detect potential hacking attempts and can respond if there is an emergency.

The product is also a cost-saver for providers. Ivenix claims its scheme can decrease the ownership cost of its infusion pump fleet while still being priced "on par with current pumping alternatives". Ivenix devices have built-in location awareness, which can help find the devices if it is lost.

One advantage of the Ivenix pump is that it can remotely update the software to add new security patches, fix bugs, and expand features. The technology of the company can also update drug libraries readily and to handle the pump status for more effective maintenance and repair.

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