Where is EHR Heading?

Where is EHR Heading?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Technology has been permeating and transforming the paradigm of electronic health records.   

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is completely pervaded by technology. With the advancements such as mobile apps and SaaS technology, the realm of health care is waiting for and expecting huge volumes of benefits. The concept of electronic health records (EHR) is not new among the health care industrial sphere. But, the progress of technology has given EHR a whole new and smarter makeover. The world, amid the norm of social distancing, is now pronouncing the idea of staying connected with the help of technology. EHR is not exempted from the principle of digital connectedness.

The technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the legacy of EHR. The ecosystem of the health care industry is almost solely driven by AI to enable modern EHR systems. The whole process of treating a patient is primarily centered on data. Be it information related to the condition of health of the patient, the fluctuations in the vital body parameters, the doctor data, the prescriptions pertaining to the medication, including the medicinal drug, the roster describing the schedules of the regular checkup, treatment routines, and many more can be added to the list.

Top 10 EMR/EHR Solution Companies - 2019Health care professionals find it highly challenging to handle such increased volumes of data that is critical to the operational routines. This is where EHR takes its place. Modern EHR advancements and technological supplements are essentially overriding the traditional EHR modules. A wide range of functionalities such as tech integrations such as AI, cloud, the internet of things, data analytics with predictive technological capabilities, and many more are making the modern EHR solutions highly intelligent, reliable, and affordable as well.

Lately, a virtual consultancy that is also known as teleconsultancy is a service crafted by the essence of technology that is driving the attention of the world. The modern capabilities and technological features take the value propositions offered by the EHR solution to newer and greater heights.             

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