XRHealth's Healium to Soothe Stress with VR

XRHealth's Healium to Soothe Stress with VR

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

XRHealth SolutionEran Orr, CEO

The partnership allows users, patients, and doctors to see and control stress-related issues through the VR healthcare platform.

FREMONT, CA: XRHealth (previously VRHealth), a global leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications, has announced the opening of its platform to third-party builders to establish powerful Virtual Reality (VR) healthcare experiences. A remarkable alliance created through an open platform, Healium allows the patients to see and power VR technology through their emotions.

It is estimated that approximately 75 percent to 95 percent of the patients visit the hospital due to stress-related issues. Healium developed a biometric solution specifically designed to minimize anxiety and stress-related problems. VR healthcare experiences help the users to attain calmness and positivity via their wearable. The design helps the users to see their emotions and virtually heal themselves.

A study by Frontiers in Psychology, a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal on psychology, mentioned the Healium solutions shift Electroencephalogram (EEG) brain patterns linked with stress and anxiety to more relaxed states. 

XRHealth offers patients worldwide with a variety of medical and health resolutions by providing a three-dimensional view for the users. Along with this, enterprises that provide additional healthcare solutions to XRHealth include Healing HealthCare Systems, VirZOOM, and now Healium.

XRHealth solution works in a way where the solution watches the user data so that patients, doctors, and caregivers can get access to the solution that gives an impact on the patient's health and controlling the patient's VR world and their experiences.

XRHealth, founded in 2016 and based in Boston and Israel, is a virtual and augmented reality platform made for the health and medical industry. The data is collected through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing using the VR Health platform. XRHealth works with many well known U.S. healthcare institutions, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.

“We opened our platform for third-party developers so that we can offer healthcare facilities, doctors, and patients the most robust healthcare solution with apps tailored for all patient needs. We believe that AR/VR technology can and should be used as a medical device,” stated Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth.

“Our partnership with Healium demonstrates the power of emotions and how important it is for patients' health and welfare to manage stress and anxiety,” he added.

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