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Navigant Consulting: Enhancing Revenue Management through Road Mapping

Navigant Consulting: Enhancing Revenue...

James McHugh, Managing Director, Revenue Cycle Business Unit Leader ,Navigant Consulting

GetixHealth: Unraveling Revenue Management Woes

GetixHealth: Unraveling Revenue...

Charles Bracken, Founder & CEO,GetixHealth

TriMed Technologies: Boosting Practice Profitability through Automation

TriMed Technologies: Boosting Practice...

Jim Cropp, CEO ,TriMed Technologies

Adjusting to a Whole New Real-IT

Adjusting to a Whole New Real-IT

Deborah Norton, CIO & SVP of Operations, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Should We Really Point the Finger at Technology for Patient Care Challenges?

Sheri Stoltenberg, Founder & CEO, Stoltenberg Consulting

ChARM Health: The one-stop RCM solution

Pramila Srinivasan, CEO & founder,ChARM Health

CompuGroup Medical US: Efficient Revenue Cycle Management

Benedikt Brueckle, CEO,CompuGroup Medical US

Passage Health International: Expediting Overseas Claims Processing for Hospitals

Passage Health International:...

Eindar Khant, CEO,Passage Health International

TRIARQ Health: A Personalized Approach to Medical Practice Management

TRIARQ Health: A Personalized Approach...

Michael Sappington, CEO,TRIARQ Health

Health Revenue 360, LLC: A 360-degree Coverage on Healthcare Revenue Management

Health Revenue 360, LLC: A 360-degree...

Kim Stevens, PESC, Director of Sales and Marketing,Health Revenue 360, LLC