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SOAPware: Reimagining Electronic Healthcare

SOAPware: Reimagining Electronic Healthcare

Dr. Randall Oates, M.D. President & CEO,SOAPware

Verisk Health: Effective Solutions to Reduce Healthcare risks and Enhance Service Quality

Verisk Health: Effective Solutions to...

Nadine Hays, President,Verisk Health

Accountable HQ: Cutting-edge Platform for Effective HIPAA Compliance

Accountable HQ: Cutting-edge Platform...

Kevin Lee Henry, CEO & Co-Founder,Accountable HQ

Compliatric: Unified Solutions to Ensure Compliance

Compliatric: Unified Solutions to...

David Monaghan, Founder,Compliatric

RevSpring: Enhancing Revenue Cycle Performance through Automated Workflows

Marty Callahan, SVP of Healthcare Solutions,RevSpring

Cloud Mobility: How It Has Changed the Face of Healthcare

Shafiq Rab, VP & CIO, Hackensack University Medical Center

Healthcare IT drumbeat

Healthcare IT drumbeat"Know the...

Doris J. Peek, SVP/CIO, Broward Health

Trice Imaging: Democratizing Medical Imaging Operations

Trice Imaging: Democratizing Medical...

Bernd Nuber, SVP BD,trice imaging