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Cloud Computing in Pharma Industry

Joe Touey, SVP, GSK North America Pharmaceuticals IT

Performance Clinical Systems: Care Management Workflows, Simplified

Brian O’Neill, CEO,Performance Clinical Systems

VisionTree Software: A Digital Overhaul of Patient Reported Outcomes

Sheena Gagh, Sr. Account Manager, Braxton Jett, Territory Manager and Martin Pellinat, Founder & CEO,VisionTree Software

Security: The Cloud's Ace in the Hole, Not Its Achilles Heel And in Healthcare, the Cloud is Not Only Secure-It Costs Less

Security: The Cloud's Ace in the Hole,...

Adam Stern, President & CEO, Infinitely Virtual

Project Hosts: Ushering Secure Cloud Transformation to Healthcare

Project Hosts: Ushering Secure Cloud...

Erez Avidan-Antonir, VP of Business Development,Project Hosts

Advantasure: Clinician-designed Solutions for Health Management Teams

Advantasure: Clinician-designed...

Brian O’Neill, Symphony™ Transition Leader & Former CEO, Performance Clinical...

John Snow Labs: Leading the NLP Revolution in Healthcare

John Snow Labs: Leading the NLP...

David Talby,John Snow Labs