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Quammen Health Care Consultants: A Consultative Approach to EHR Optimization

Dr. Robecca Quammen, CEO,Quammen Health Care Consultants

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems: One-step Solution to Right EHR Technology

Steve Plochocki, President & CEO,NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

Health Security Solutions: Fortifying Healthcare Data and Streamlining Compliance

Health Security Solutions: Fortifying...

Steve Spearman, Founder & Chief Security Consultant,Health Security Solutions

SuperCoder: Enabling Easy Medical Coding with Online Platform

SuperCoder: Enabling Easy Medical...

Jen Godreau, Director of Development & Operations,SuperCoder

Leveraging Data and Analytics to Measure, Benchmark, and Transform Healthcare Systems

Leveraging Data and Analytics to...

E. Kolker, PhD, Chief Data Officer, Seattle Children’s (Hospital-Research...

Innovative Healthcare and Well-Being Services

Innovative Healthcare and Well-Being...

Mark Warlick, CIO, Beacon Health Systems

The Gap in Managed Care Technology

The Gap in Managed Care Technology

Jose M Sanchez, CIO, Miami Beach Medical Group

i2i Systems: Smarter Solutions for a Healthier Population

Janice Nicholson, Co-founder, President & CEO,i2i Systems

 ADP AdvancedMD: Simplifying Healthcare Service through Data Accessibility

ADP AdvancedMD: Simplifying Healthcare...

Raul Villar, President,ADP AdvancedMD

 SnapMD: Launching Next-Generation Telehealth Care Programs

SnapMD: Launching Next-Generation...

Dave Skibinski, Co-Founder, President & CEO ,SnapMD

Can Infrastructure as a Service Deliver Interoperability?

Can Infrastructure as a Service Deliver...

Darin Brannan, President, CEO and Co-Founder, ClearDATA