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Lessons in Change

Wayne Kubick, CTO, Health Level Seven International

IT Strategy in Healthcare

Matthew Sena, M.H.A., CIO, Northern Arizona Healthcare

Oxagile: Spearheading Healthcare Innovation

Oxagile: Spearheading Healthcare...

Mihail Romanovsky, CMO,Oxagile

Making Healthcare Better Through Mobile Innovation

Making Healthcare Better Through Mobile...

Bijoy Sagar, Global CIO, Stryker

Total Communicator Solutions, Inc: Creating a Contextual Care Continuum

Total Communicator Solutions, Inc:...

Erik Bjontegard, President & Founder,Total Communicator Solutions, Inc

Kiio: Transforming Connections between Payers, Providers, and People

Kiio: Transforming Connections between...

Dave Grandin, President & CEO,Kiio

Leadership and Program Management

Leadership and Program Management

Leslie Clonch, CIO & VP, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

SenceTech & Planexta: Revolutionary One-Wrist ECG & HRV Wearable

Irene Brinker CEO & Co-Founder of SenceTech, CCO of Planexta, Inc.,SenceTech & Planexta

Leadership and the Digital Journey

Leslie Clonch, VP & CIO, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Prestige Medical Imaging: Revolutionizing Medical Imaging Services

Prestige Medical Imaging:...

Bill Haussmann, Founder & CEO,Prestige Medical Imaging

Liquid Web: Managed Hosting Model for Robust Security

Liquid Web: Managed Hosting Model for...

Joe Oesterling, CTO,Liquid Web

A Connected Home Equals Improved, Efficient High-Quality Patient Care

A Connected Home Equals Improved,...

Dr. John Loughnane, Chief Innovation Officer, Commonwealth Care Alliance®