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Increased Growth in Cloud Based Development

Samuel Chesterman, Worldwide Chief Information Officer, IPG Mediabrands

Ostendio: Competent Solutions for Risk and Compliance Threats

Ostendio: Competent Solutions for Risk...

Grant Elliot, Founder & CEO,Ostendio

Healthcare Data Security is Decades Behind: How it Must Catch Up

Healthcare Data Security is Decades...

James Carder, CISO, LogRhythm

Disrupting Healthcare with IT

Disrupting Healthcare with IT

Dan Sheehan, SVP & CIO, DentaQuest

It's More than just a Ransomware

It's More than just a Ransomware

Phil Curran, CISO & CPO, Cooper University Hospital

Wolters Kluwer: Building a Culture of Compliance in Healthcare

Tim Feldman, VP and GM, Healthcare Compliance,Wolters Kluwer

Avoiding the Ransom Note

Ferdinand Feola, CIO, Pocono Medical Center

Reducing and Recovering your IT spend

Reducing and Recovering your IT spend

Jake Dorst, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Tahoe Forest Health System

Nautilus Medical: Medical Image Sharing Simplified

Nautilus Medical: Medical Image Sharing...

Timothy Kelley, Founder,Nautilus Medical

Mobile Device Management And Healthcare Information

Mobile Device Management And Healthcare...

Jim Sheldon-Dean, Principal & Director of Compliance Services, Lewis Creek Systems, LLC